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  • sremex 3:14 PM on April 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    CyanogenMod 5.0.6 

    CyanogenMod 5.0.6 – Tax Deductible

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  • sremex 2:11 PM on April 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Cyanogen Mod 

    A new update came out for Cyanogen Mod in rom manager, if you want to go try it out.  All in all pretty good, not much different from the

  • sremex 6:59 PM on April 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Cooliris and Gallery for Droid 

    Recently, people have found out that the Gallery app for the Droid actually was downgraded from 24bit to 16bit.  This caused many complaints, and cooliris agreed to change it, but it will not come out until the next system update, which could be forever.  Though this is good news, it isn’t going to affect us for a while

  • sremex 9:56 PM on April 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    App Review: Paper Toss 

    Finally, the loved iPhone app Paper Toss has made it over to the android market.  This simple but fun game, will give you hours of fun.  Though it has finally reached the android market, it might be to late.  The app Toss It is now out on the android marked as well with better graphics.  Though Toss It will set you back a few bucks, they do have a lite version for free.  Paper Toss has a simple feel, with a nice home page, and many places to play for free, but Toss it, only has two free places, and there home screen is a little loaded.  You can decided which one is the best for you, but I have both Toss it (free), and Paper Toss and I use both.

    • last minute wycieczki 1:54 AM on May 20, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for rhe news, love to hear more.

  • sremex 9:55 PM on April 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    What to do after SpRecovery. 

    As most of you know, the people at DroidMod have found and easy way to put SpRecovery onto a non rooted droid running on the 2.1 update.  Even though you have this recovery, you phone is not rooted, so what are you to do next in order to root you phone.  What easily can be done is you flash an old nandroid backup that you have.  Once you have flashed the nandroid backup, go into the market and download rom manager, the free one will work.  Then you will need to flash the clock work recovery.  Once this is completed, go to download rom, and then click on cyanogen mod.  Pick the top rom and it will begin to download.  When you do this rom manage will ask you if you want to make a back and if you want to wipe data and cache.  Make sure you check wipe data and cache, but you really don’t need a backup unless you want one (since you already have one).  When the download is complete, your phone will reboot into recovery and begin to flash the rom.  When it is all done, you will have to setup you phone like it is brand knew, but when you are done, you will be running on a rooted droid, on the 2.1 update.

    *Warning:  I am not responsible for any damage that you do to your phone.  This is risky and you can break your phone.

    *I have not personally done this, because have always been on a rooted 2.1 rom.  I would like someone to confirm this will work, but I see no problem in this considering, this is how I would do it if I was going to an older to a newer rom.

    • sremex 9:56 PM on April 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      If anyone could host a cleared data and cache nandroid backup that would be very helpful.

  • sremex 1:34 PM on April 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    NFL Mobile now on Verizon 

    Sprint used to have the rights to NFL Mobile, but now Verizon has taken it out of there hands.  Starting monday, you will be able to download the app strait from the market place.  This app will include free video of all thursday games , and sunday night games, as well as audio of all the games.  It will also include stats, drafting, and pre recorded games.

  • sremex 11:11 PM on April 10, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Week break 

    Sorry for taking a break last week, but posts will resume tomorrow 4/11/10.

  • sremex 6:24 AM on April 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Rooted Droid Owners Receiving 2.1 Update 

    I have my droid rooted, and the 2.1 update finally came to my area.  Since my phone is rooted I should not be receiving the system updates but I am.  The update keeps popping up and it gets very annoying.  For those of you with this same problem, I am looking for a fix and should respond back soon.

    Update: If you want to stay on 2.01 root you can install the update and it will do nothing to your phone and the notifications will go away.  Saying this I am not responsible for anything that happens to you phone (legal issues).  For more on this visit DroidMod

  • sremex 12:43 PM on April 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    IPhone on Verizon 

    It is official the iPhone is coming to Verizon. Now a lot of people r going to get it, but for me I am sticking with the droid. Android is completly open so I can do anything I want with my phone, while the iPhone on let’s you do what apple allows. This could be a big blow to the increasing Android market, but hopefully are fellow droid owners say strong.

  • sremex 4:18 PM on April 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    March Madness of phones: final round: Droid vs. Palm Pre Plus 

    The final round in the March Madness of phones is going to be a close one,  Palm Pre Plus was destroying the Droid early, but us Droid owners are making a slow comeback.  We need you help vote for the droid so we can become victories. Head over to to vote because i can’t set up the poll.

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