How to install a custom theme.

**update**= If anyone wants a video instruction made, just post it in the comment and I will get on it.

Many people have been asking how to install a custom theme on your phone, and there are two easy ways to do it.  The first way and easiest way to do it is to get rom manage premium.  This well set you back a few bucks, but if you like to have a place that has most of the roms and custom themes, then it is worth the extra money.  The best thing about rom manager is that it downloads everything OTA so you do not need to use your computer.  The next way to install a custom theme is through MetaMorph.  The good thing about MetaMorph is that it is free.  Also, with MetaMorph you can decide what you want to download.  What by this is lets say you want to change the icons of you app a different color, but not base of the phone itself, then all you have to do is click on the theme in MetaMorph and pick the icon you wan changed.  If you only change the icons on your phone a different color, then you will not need to reboot your phone into recovery, there for you won’t need a backup.  The only bad thing about MetaMorph is that you have to find the themes through your computer and install them to your sd card.  Below I will list the steps to install a custom them

Rom Manager theme

1. download rom manager premium from the market

2. open up rom manager

3. go to rom dowloads

4. choose your theme

5.  when it is done downloading the theme, check make backup (incase something goes wrong, or you don’t like the theme, and DO NOT CHECK WIPE DATA AND CACHE.

6. Your phone will reboot into recovery and install the theme.  When it reboots you should be good to go.


1. Download MetaMorph from the market place

2.  Make A back up incase something happens or you do not like the theme

3.  Search on the internet for a theme for your droid

4.  Download the them and leave it as .zip

5.  Mount your droid to your computer and put the theme on it (shouldn’t matter were you put it, but you will have to find it in MetaMorph)

6. Unmount your droid

7. Open MetaMorph and allow SU

8.  Choose Pick Theme

9. Find your that you put on your sd card

10.  It will start unzipping the theme, and when it is done, it will let you pick what parts of the  them you want to install

11.  If you install the base of your theme, it will reboot your phone into recovery and install it and then you are done.