April Fools in the droid community.

Today, as most of you know is april fools.  This day is for you to pull pranks on your friends and have a good time.  Members of the droid community have decided to pull pranks on the rest of us trying to get us to S!@t our pants.  One good one was kellex, from droid-life.com, who was showing his phone was bricked from the manual 2.1 update.  I am sure this gave everyone a scare because majority of the people with the 2.1 update did it manually.  Another hopefully april fools joke on that is beginning to arise is DroidMod, who changed there name to NakedTrevMod and stated that they are done with android and moving on to bringing windows CE to droid.  Though this seems fairly obvious that this is an April fools prank, it would be very scary to se DroidMod go away, considering it has the most stable rom and the best dm updater, which helped many get back to stock on their droid.